Success Stories

We Chose Active Physical Therapy

My experiences with Kip have been extremely positive. After separating my shoulder I was afraid surgery was my only option. I have spoken with people who have not sought PT and their level of improvement is nowhere near what I have experienced. It’s important to work with the right person; Kip is respectful, knowledgeable and dedicated to getting me back to an active lifestyle.

Sarah Anderson

Kip has been working to help me run again without pain. In addition to treating me, he has also educated me about my hips and knees. Kip has taken his time to get to know me, and he approaches my therapy with my specific needs and goals in mind. Kip makes therapy fun.

Amanda Blondeau

Active Physical Therapy was amazing. I felt comfortable there and knew that I was receiving the correct treatment to improve my condition.

Maria Rywelski

“Warm, friendly atmosphere and you (most importantly) helped my pain go away”

Connie Lori